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Climb Safely with a Full Body Harness

If you are looking for a new sport that will keep you on the edge and give you that added thrill, then why nFull Body Harnessot go rock climbing? You will surely feel the rush as you climb higher and higher. And when you finally reach the top, you won't help but feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. But before you get too hyped up with excitement, you must remember that safety in this kind of sport always comes first.

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Now, you may be thinking, how can you be safe? One way to keep safe is by wearing protective clothing. This ensures that you will not get wounded while climbing. And secondly, check the safety gear like the ropes, the helmet and most importantly, the safety harness.

Since rock climbing involves a lot of height, it is necessary to have fall protection. This prevents you from acquiring fractures and other injuries like wounds and abrasions. When you have a good safety harness, you can be sure that you are safe even if you slip and fall. This way, you are able to prevent fatal accidents from happening and it will surely ease your mind and remove any anxiety so that you will be able to have a full and enjoyable climbing experience.

There Full Body Harnessare three major types of safety harnesses. First is the sit harness. It is worn around the waist and the legs to allow full mobility for the climber. Then there is the chest harness. It is worn around the chest and is very helpful in supporting the climber's upper body. Last is the full body harness. This is the safest kind of safety harness as it is a sit harness and a chest harness combined. It allows you full mobility and at the same time gives you body extra support while you climb.

What do you need to look for in a full body harness?

Here are things that might be helpful:

Your harness must be made with high quality materials, like polyester, that will withstand and support the weight and tension. It should be lightweight so it allows you full control and it would not weigh you down when climbing.
The belts on the equipment should be thick and durable. It should comply with the safety standards and should not easily rip. It should also have soft padding so that it does not create a gasFull Body Harnessh on skin especially during contact.
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Before actually buying your full body harness, it is advisable to try it on. Check if it fits snugly and adjusts perfectly to your body size. Make sure that it is neither too loose nor too tight so that you'll be able to move comfortably while climbing.

Check the buckles of the harness. The metal should be durable especially in the part where you usually attach the rope. It does not easily break especially when you put a lot of weight on it. Perfectly so that you are sure that you are safe if ever you lose your footing.